Our services

We offer help, advice and solutions to all your computer problems, including :  

  • Choosing your computer hardware, laptop, printer/scanner, monitor …etc
  • Selecting your Internet service provider for ADSL or fibre
  • Setting up networks for individuals or companies
  • Configuring your tablets or smartphones

We also offer to troubleshoot systems and networks including :

  • Boot problems, blocked or slow running systems
  • Virus problem
  • All daily problems with PC, laptops,printers, scanners, emails … etc
  • Backing up and restoring system settings
  • Repairing at the client site or at our workshop according to the problem identified
  • Remote control assistance for basic problem 
  • Services also available outside office hours

And Training

  • Small group (up to 3 people) training sessions available (with a few days’ notice)